Florida Key West Trip



This is how it all started. After 2 days of staying in fort lauderdale, My husband and I decided to take a trip to FL Key West.  It was almost 4hour drive with only 2 lanes, one going out, and one going in.

keywest pool


So, we finally decided to stay in this cosy all male resort Island House in Fleming St.  It has an optional clothing bar right in front of the pool, hot tub, and a second floor sun deck. It also has a sauna, a steam room, jacuzzi and a gym(not to mention a play room).  All the staffs were so kind and helpful. We were book on a suite on the second floor on our first day and on the next day we were move to a much bigger suite for free which is just right next door. Rooms are so clean and well decorated.

This place is so close to Duval Street where all the parties and fun stuffs are happening.

keywest me

I want to explore the entire island so what I did is I rented a bicycle few blocks aways from the resort for only $25 for 12 hours. I went to the state park and enjoy the water.  I went from one bar to another to grab some drink.  No to mention this Irish Pub where I had a blast.  They have this very hilarious comedian. Oh my!


I randomly saw this shirt and I love it!

key lime

later in the evening I tried the famous Key Lime Pie and it is so Delicious!!! It taste so different from the Key Lime pie that I used to eat in Maryland.  Tho, both are good.  My husband tried these big cookies which is even bigger than a regular plate. Delisyoso!


courtesy of google.com

The next day, there was a pool party and the bar was so packed. We met different people from DC, New York, Michigan and even Alaska. After partying and swimming, we avail the resort’s massage service.  Ugh! it was phenomenal. Finally, we got to relax before we drive back to Ft Lauderdale and fly back to Maryland.

After 3 days of being away from work and stress, I have to go back to the real world.  Being here feels like you are in South America with no South Americans. It doesn’t feel like you are in the US.

My Key West trip is very exceptional.  .  One of the places I want to visit again.

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