Atlantis Halloween Cruise (October 29-November 5, 2016) -Part 1

It took me a year to convince my husband (Eric) mainly for 2 reasons: Eric thinks that he is not so gay.  Second is he hates cruise.  He said that everyone keeps on breathing the same air in the ship, food section is too crowded, tons of kids crying and roaming around and you don’t get to really see much when you docked. Also when he looked at the advertisement, he saw all these hot muscular guys and he thinks that he doesn’t look like one. Its one of the reasons that made us both to go to gym everyday which I dont think really help me.  Tho it helped Eric.  Not until early this year (2016) when Eric asked me what I want for my birthday? I immediately told him that “I want to do Atlantis Halloween Cruise.”  Since my birthday is at October 23, Its close enough to the start date of the cruise to celebrate my birthday.  I made a deal that if he book room, I will book the flight from DC to San Diego.  After few days, he finally said yes.  So, it was May 31, 2016 when we finally book a room. Since Eric doesn’t want a stateroom with no window or balcony, we booked the deluxe verandah stateroom.

OK, so I don’t want to miss this cruise and Ive heard a lot of upsetting stories that people didn’t make it because of delayed or cancelled flights that is why I booked a flight that arrives on Friday, October 28th which is the day before our cruising.  Good thing both Eric and I got super busy from work and we both need a real vacation.  Our New York, Virginia Beach and other trips are not counted since it pretty near to us. That made him to be so excited (finally!) which made me so excited too.  I was a little stress also for I bought some outfits and swim wears for all parties and costume for the Halloween night yet I still can’t decide which one will look good.  So, lets fast forward…

We flew from DC to San Diego which is almost 8hrs.  Not my favorite.  Our flight was early in the morning so we arrive in San Diego Int’l airport around 2pm so we have enough time to explore the place.  We stayed in Marriott SpringHill San Diego which just right in front of the B Street Terminal where we have to be the next day.

After we took a shower and got changed, we went to Manila Sunset Grille, a Filipino restaurant (Of course!). I just did not get a chance to take a picture of the place.  I was probably so hungry.   On our way to the restaurant, we were lucky to get a gay uber driver whom we had so much fun talking to.  I think his name is Joey.  I just cant remember but he said that he has a friend who is also going to the Atlantis cruise.  He showed us the the picture of his friend who has 2 star tattoos on his chest but I never get to see him really in the ship.  Not to mention, the friend was a little hot.

Since the package (Eric’s halloween costume) I ordered from Amazon didn’t come on time even if its guaranteed delivery, we have to search every department store.  Until we find one in Macy’s.  Thank you Macy’s!

It was just 8pm but the its already dark.  So we decided to go to downtown which is about 15 mins walk from our hotel. And it was packed of people! Some are wearing their Halloween Costumes.  Since its halloween, we went to the haunted hotel which such a great and scary experience.



to be continued…



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